Grief-stricken man pens book

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Grief-stricken man pens book Isaiah Richard

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
A YOUNG pastor, Isaiah Richard has launched a book meant to help people navigate through the pain of losing a loved one.The book titled What Now? was published last week by the African Writers Round Table.

Richard said the book will be of interest to anyone struggling with the loss of a loved one or something that was dear to them and now in search of healing.

“I wrote this book with the intention of helping anyone who is going through any loss to help navigate their path through the pain. A place of pain can be a place of permanent stagnancy if the question ‘what now? is not answered,” said Richards.

Based in the border town of Beitbridge, the author narrated how losing his father to kidney failure inspired him to write the book.

“My book is about learning to live with loss and finding a way to live life after loss. After losing my father to kidney failure last year, I experienced what has been my greatest pain thus far. The terrible part of pain and loss is that it demands to be felt and until you let it hurt, it just won’t heal,” he said.

The TD Jakes-inspired author who for long, has been a contract writer for other people said he hopes his first publication will help people deal with grief.

“One way or the other, we all have lost something or someone dear to us and without proper grieving, we don’t move forward so I pray that this book will guide people through their healing process.”

He said one antidote to grieving properly is to “accept that the worst has happened, but also embrace the idea that there is still life after that loss.”

Richard went on to dedicate the book to his son so that he learns to cope with angst in the unfortunate case of him dying while he is still at a tender age.

On what the future holds for him, Richard promised to publish three titles “soon” with the first set to be released in April.

Isaiah Richard’s portfolio also includes being a songwriter and worship minister. — @eMKlass_49

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