Guluva Se7en drops Khanda Cool video

20 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views
Guluva Se7en drops Khanda Cool video Guluva 7

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Guluva 7

Guluva 7

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
HIP hop star Guluva Se7en has dropped his much anticipated music video for his single Khanda Cool as a precursor to his album Command Hustle that will be released at the end of this month.

The track features Lord Skeelz and the video released on YouTube last week was directed by award-winning director Rasquesity Kaitse.

Riding on a trap beat, the music video was recorded in Bulawayo’s oldest high density suburb of Makokoba.

Khanda Cool is inspired by the everyday search for money through deals which is the way of life for many unemployed youths in the city. In the video, Guluva Se7en unwittingly chronicles the struggles that the urban youth in high density areas face. Although wearing designer clothes, as he will be spotting Kappa and Adidas tracksuits, the poverty the youths come from is evident.

Guluva Se7en plays on the stereotypes of crime and poverty associated with the high density suburb of Makokoba. There is a mysterious bag that exchanges hands during the course of the music video which raises suspicion with viewers. Some think it contains some contraband being sold by Guluva Se7en, but alas at the end of the music video, to everyone’s surprise, it’s just a bag filled with Kingsville Clothing T-shirts. He also shows the Zimbabwe that people are living in where transactions are no longer cash-based, but people, at the minimum, use mobile money for the smallest transactions.

Guluva Se7en’s manager Keith Moyo said with the music video, they wanted to set the tone for the album Command Hustle. He said they were now sending the video to music programmes in Zimbabwe such as Coke on the Beat and international music channels for airplay.

“We put it up (video) on YouTube and we hope it’ll be played on Coke on the Beat. Our aim is to also take it to Trace, Channel O and Mtv Base,” said Moyo.

He said at the end of the year, Guluva Se7en would have released two more music videos from his forthcoming album.

“We’re concentrating on visuals for Guluva Se7en’s music mostly this year. People should expect more of them, in fact two more before year end. Music videos are very important for any artiste.”

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