Harare elects “recalled” councillor as new mayor Mr Lovejoy Chitengu

Online reporter

As the Harare City Council circus continues, CCC councillors have voted for the election of a “recalled” councillor Mr Lovejoy Chitengu (Ward 36) to become the city’s new mayor.

Councillor Chitengu’s recall letter had an anomaly omitting the letter n on his surname which divided the house on his eligibility to stand for the top post.

However, the elections proceeded almost after two hours of heated debate as the council chambers almost turned into a warzone over the issue.

Newly-elected Harare Mayor Lovejoy Chitengu soon with Acting Chamber Secretary Mr Warren Chiwawa soon after taking his oath of office.

Zanu PF councillors were calling for the postponement while the CCC whose Councillor Blessing Duma was the interim chair of the special council meeting were desperately pushing for the elections.

In the results, Cllr Chitengu had 35 votes while Cllr Temany Utete had seven while spoiled votes were three.

As for the deputy mayoral post, Cllr Rosemary Muronda emerged the winner with 38 votes while her contender Cllr Susan Chuma (proportional representation) had seven.

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