HARD WORK PAYS…Njube High achieves 99 percent pass rate Njube High School pupils

Ashley Phiri, Chronicle Writer

Njube High School in Bulawayo continues to make its mark on the academic trail and live up to its motto, “Imfundo ngamandla ethu”, loosely translated education is our strength.

Established in 1973 as a secondary school, the institution has a rich history.

It is a community treasure as a significant number of people in the Njube community and surrounding areas have passed through the institution.

William Fundirwa 12 As

The school did exceptionally well in the 2023 academic year with the Advanced Level learners attaining a 99 percent pass rate, compared to the 85 percent produced the previous year.

The best A-Level student, Nqabayethu Moyo obtained 19 points from four subjects while Nkazimulo Mbayiwa and Justice Ncube each attained 15 points from three subjects.

At O-Level, William Fundirwa obtained 12 As while Natasha Chitava had 8 As.

Chitava Natasha 8 As

Njube High School head Mr Zibusiso Msimanga attributed the school’s  success to the hard work and co-operation of the parents, teachers and learners.

He expressed gratitude to the School Development Committee (SDC) for supporting                                                                              the school.

The SDC hired a Chemistry teacher when the school was in dire need of one and as a result, Chemistry was one of the best performing subjects at A-Level in 2023.

The work and support of the SDC is also clearly visible when one visits the school that is in                                                                                                pristine condition as the committee funds the maintenance of the school.

Nqabayethu Moyo 19 points

Mr Msimanga said the school is on a three-year strategy to be at par with other A schools                                                in the region and the 2023                                                     results were a significant                                                                indicator that they were on the right track and their goal was being realised.

Njube High School is an inclusive institution that enrols any child that has completed their Grade Seven despite their performance.

Justice Ncube 15 points

The school focuses on nurturing talent and offers viable practical subjects such as Technical Drawing, Woodwork, Metal Work, Textiles as well as Food and Nutrition.

Learners are offered two practical subjects in order to sharpen different skills.

At A-Level, the school does not only take those who would have attained As and Bs but                             anything that is considered an O-Level pass.

Nkazimulo AJ Mbayiwa 15 points

“Hard work is our strength and we always encourage the students and teachers to uphold that philosophy  because if one                 works hard at their dreams, they’re most likely to achieve them. 

“Our teachers are very dedicated to imparting knowledge to these young stars and their dedication rubs off on the students,” said Mr Msimanga.

Hard work does seem to be indeed bearing fruit at the institution. With continued support from parents who pay school fees on time and provide the necessary resources for the children to thrive, the dedication of the teachers as well as the hard work of the learners, the school is poised to achieve even more.

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