Hartsfield Home of Rugby to launch high-tech car wash

18 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Hartsfield Home of Rugby to launch high-tech car wash Hartsfield Home of Rugby car wash which will be launched on Saturday is already operational

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Simba Jemwa, Showbiz Reporter
BULAWAYO’S newest lifestyle vehicle, Hartsfield Home of Rugby is set to announce its arrival with the launch of a new, modern car wash at Hartsfield Ground this Saturday.

In a move that is testament to how critical the entrepreneurial economy has become to the empowerment of Zimbabweans, while still recognising their unique cultural heritage, this new development is part of the redesign of the operation’s business model which includes the formation of a company known as Hartsfield Home of Rugby under which the Tshisa Nyama, car wash, and other subsidiaries fall.

Hartsfield Tshisa Nyama

Under the new company, the popular Hartsfield Tshisa Nyama, the high-tech car wash, and very soon, a sports bar will complete its entertainment facilities.

At the official launch of the car wash on Saturday, a host of activities are expected.

In an interview, one of the people behind the Hartsfield Home of Rugby brand, DJ Obey Shiriyapenga (Ras Obi) of Champion Sound said the brand-new member is expected to be the home to cars belonging to legends and Afropolitans.

“This is going to be a modern, sophisticated, and elegant car wash.

The opening of the car wash is the result of a goal by Hartsfield Tshisanyama to consolidate its business model by adding value to what has already been on offer over the years,” Ras Obi said.

He said taking a cue from the South African originators of the tshisanyama/car wash concept, Hartsfield Home of Rugby has been working behind the scenes to establish its own car wash as well as a sports bar and it is now ready to welcome customers.

Together with its siblings, Ras Obi said the new venture remains true to the brand promise of ensuring that patrons’ enjoyment of Bulawayo’s ultimate braai experience remains unchallenged.

“We had a dream of a restaurant that would celebrate the true African heritage and culture, where people could, as is our tradition, braai quality meat and receive excellent service in an environment that exuded style, class, and dignity.

We also dreamt that we could become a one-stop weekend destination for our patrons whether they wanted to have their cars washed or were looking for entertainment.

“Now, we’re glad to offer them the complete weekend package.

This has not been an easy journey with many challenges needing to be overcome along the way.

We’ve needed to show dedication, perseverance, and commitment,” said Ras Obi.

“Having a clear vision has highlighted how anything is possible regardless of these obstacles.

If we can distill the secret to the brand’s success in one sentence, it’s in our deep understanding of African culture and heritage which has earned the fierce loyalty of our patrons,” he said.

– @RealSimbaJemwa

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