Health ambassadors 4ED free medical care outreach benefits 150 in the city centre

30 Jan, 2023 - 11:01 0 Views
Health ambassadors 4ED free medical care outreach benefits 150 in the city centre Health ambassadors for economic development assist a beneficiary at their outreach in the city centre

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Flora Fadzai Sibanda, Online Reporter

MORE than 150 Bulawayo residents received free medical services from the Health Ambassadors for Economic Development in the city centre on Saturday.

The weekly outreach started in January 2023. It started in Emganwini suburb, went to Pelandaba, Cowdray Park, then the city centre.

Next week it will be at the informal settlement at Ngozi Mine.

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and counselors offered various services during the outreach.

Beneficiaries applauded the health ambassadors for the great work they are doing for free.

Mrs Sthandazile Mpala from Inyathi mission said she traveled all the way to Bulawayo when she heard the health ambassadors will be at a central place.

Mrs Mpala said she was informed by one of her relatives who is a health worker about the free services being offered by the ambassadors.

“I am hopeful l will be helped today. The line is moving a bit fast and should they attend to me real quick l will return back home today. When l heard about the health ambassadors l knew l had to look for money and come because l have been trying to look for help at Inyathi to no avail,” she said.

Another beneficiary Mr Nhlanhla Tshuma from Njube said he had missed the ambassadors when they were in Pelandaba as that was near his home. That is why he decided to follow them to town.

He said he was skeptical about coming as he thought he would not be helped however the help that he got overwhelmed him.

“I had an eye problem that was troubling me. They checked my eye and gave me medication to treat it and also a referral letter to a doctor who will further assist me for free. I also did an HIV and Diabetes test. I am really happy about this because had l gone to the hospital for this l would have been charged a lot of money,” he said.

Ambassadors 4ED national deputy chairperson Mr Ganizani Phiri said the organisation compliments the Government of Zimbabwe through health and community empowerment.

He said he was grateful to donations they got from Zimbabwe Projects Housing Trust chairman Mr Tendai Charuka and Ocean Bird Foundation International.

He said in Harare, they held a similar program at Rugare where a lot of residents benefited.

“Today we had a patient who travelled all the way from Matabeleland North Inyathi to get assistance. This shows that the community really needs these outreaches and they are of great help to the people. Next week we are going to be at Ngozi squatter camp,” said Mr Phiri.

One of the well-wishers who is donating medication, Mr Tendai Charuka, said he is working with the health ambassadors by sponsoring the outreaches so that even the disadvantaged in the community get medical help.

He said helping people who are sick, for free, will enable them to be healthy enough to work for themselves and build the country.

“We are working with the President’s mantra that no one should be left behind that is why l decided to sponsor the outreaches. In every outreach we are achieving set goals because we are not there to make profit but to help people. So, every time people are helped, we know we have achieved our goal,” said Mr Charuka.

Speaking at the outreach Matabeleland South chairperson for health ambassadors 4ED Mr Themba Moyo said medical outreaches would start soon in the province.

He appealed to well-wishers who might want to donate drugs and any medication to get in touch with him.


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