Hefty fines for chickens and other livestock that roam Plumtree Town

Mkhululi Ncube, Chronicle Reporter

FARMERS around Plumtree Town will now pay hefty fines if their livestock roam loose in the central business district.

Cattle and donkeys are a common sight in Plumtree town, which is surrounded by grazing farms.

In a notice to farmers seen by the Chronicle, Acting Town Secretary Mr Thembelani  Nyoni said farmers will be charged US$10 for a stray beast per day.

“Farmers and the general public are advised that with effect from February 13, 2023, all stray animals will be impounded in line with SI 102 of 2015, Protection of Lands and Natural By Law as read with Stock Trespass Act 19:14,” said Mr Nyoni.

For stray donkeys, farmers will also pay US$10 while for goats farmers will pay US$5 and for chickens US$2 per day.

Plumtree Town Council is surrounded by Bililima and Mangwe Rural District Councils which are well known for livestock farming.

Besides impounding of their livestock, farmers also have to struggle with livestock thieves who are terrorising farmers.


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