Help Selmor recover her Facebook page

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Help Selmor recover her Facebook page Selmor Mtukudzi

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Musician Selmor Mtukudzi whose Facebook fan page was deleted by unknown people three weeks ago is appealing to members of the public to assist her recover it by sharing a #FBPutSelmorMtukudziPageBackOnline hash tag she has launched.

This comes after the Nguva Yangu hitmaker’s phone was stolen in a smash and grab incident. As if stealing the phone was not enough, according to Selmor, the thieves tried to steal money from her various accounts and went on to delete her fan page which had over 150 000 followers.

Sharing the ordeal on her personal Facebook account, Selmor wrote: “Hey guys, I need your help. My phone was stolen from my hands while we were driving. The thief broke the passenger window where I was sitting and grabbed it. It happened so fast, I had no time to react.

“They then started calling my family and friends using my phone asking them for my ID number, I assume they were trying to get money from my bank and EcoCash accounts.

I had to get the sim card disconnected for fear they would be successful in finding my information from somebody, but that meant we couldn’t track them anymore. We followed up on the last position my phone pointed out but it was a dead end.”

“These thieves deleted my Facebook page @Selmor Mtukudzi and I have spent the last two weeks trying to get it back, but to no success. I have had many people come in to help me but still, we haven’t managed to get it done.”
She said she has contacted the Facebook technical team numerous times with the hope to recover her page, but to no avail.

“We even contacted Facebook itself, but they keep giving us links that are not working. When we told them that they’re not working, they started ignoring my emails.

“I have over 150 000 followers on that page and I would hate to lose all my many years’ hard work,” she said.
In order to help her, Selmor suggested that people share the #FBPutSelmorMtukudziPageBackOnline hash tag.

“I kindly ask that you help me grab their (Facebook) attention to my case so they can help me get my page back. Please tag them and just ask them to put my Selmor Mtukudzi page back up. Let’s use the hash tag #FBPutSelmorMtukudziPageBackOnline,” she said.

This is a major blow for Selmor as the page, other than having thousands of followers, had a lot of content of her career which she likely had not saved anywhere else.

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