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Hockey Association of Zimbabwe appeals for player sponsorship

27 Jan, 2023 - 00:01 0 Views
Hockey Association of Zimbabwe appeals for player sponsorship

The Chronicle

Brandon Moyo, Sports Reporter

ZIMBABWE Hockey Association (HAZ) are appealing for sponsorship to assist their Under-21 players, both men and women as they prepare for the 2023 Junior Africa Cup that will be held in Egypt.

Through their initiative of ‘Support a player, Support a team that was implemented in their junior development series against Zambia, the HAZ is appealing to corporates and individuals to help them as the continental tournament draws closer.

The championship is scheduled to take place in March in Cairo, Egypt.
In a statement, the association said supporting a player would ensure that the youngsters in the team get much-needed international experience.

Hockey Stadium

“This is a great foundation to start getting our younger players some international exposure and we are appealing to both corporates and individuals to consider this smaller sponsorship option. Sponsors will have access to breakdowns of the sponsorship expenditure as well as monthly reports from coaching staff attendance and performance of the player,” read the statement.

Some of the requirements needed include kits, entry fees, accommodation, flights, and medical cover.
Early this week, the association confirmed receipt of sponsorship from Heads and Hooves Butchery and Absolute Sports. Heads and Hooves donated equipment to the team while Absolute Sports chipped in with discounts on some of the needed team uniforms.

Today the association is hosting exhibition matches at Saint John’s Educational Trust Astro Turf in Harare for both the men’s and women’s teams.

The Junior Africa Cup will serve as a direct qualifier for the 2023 Junior World Cup, with the winner and runner-up qualifying. Both teams are made up of 18 members after they were cut down from the 36 who made the provisional squad a couple of months back. On the men’s side, there are eight reserve players while the women’s team has seven. — @brandon_malvin

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