Home sweet home plus … President Mnangagwa

Stephen Mpofu 

THIS Saturday’s discourse attempts to deal with two different subjects but which posit a brave new future for our motherland.

 To begin with if more Zimbabweans living and working abroad embrace and regard the saying “home sweet home” as a joint mantra with “a country is built by its owners”, as continuously propounded by our beloved president, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, all die hard Zimbabwean patriots, including this writer will hug ourselves with glee looking forward to brave new futures as our country makes greater strides in political, economic and social development.

It is no exaggeration by this pen to suggest that all of this country’s ten provinces have a number of people working in the diaspora and if all of these people are exhorted by the government, say through our diplomatic missions abroad to remit more of their earnings back home to help build more schools and provide teaching resources present young and future generations of primary, secondary and tertiary institutions will be better prepared for enhanced developmental tasks lying ahead for this nation as we look forward to vision 2030 and further ahead.

So far, some Zimbabweans in neighbouring countries have joined hands and remitted their earnings to build or improve teaching facilities at their home district schools and this must be applauded by all who wish our nation a braver new future, what with economic sanctions imposed by western imperialist and racist nations to try and replace our revolutionary government with a neo-colonial regime that kowtows to foreign political dictates.

Today some of the country’s learning institutions are congested because of limited learning facilities and, as a result hot seating is a feature that deprives pupils of the full benefits of education for which parents cough up scarce resources in some cases.

Take, for instance pupils who must hot seat their lessons in the afternoon either because of limited resources, including teachers.

Some of the students spend their morning time playing and by the time they go to school they are tired and the result is less concentration and with that less absorption of their lessons.

Hot weather conditions also affect students who must hot seat their lessons with subjects such as maths and sciences requiring fresh, concentrating minds for their absorption and internalisation.

Teaching union leaders have called for the employment of more teachers, something that should be regarded by the powers that be as a priority along with the construction of more schools and requisite learning resources in order for Zimbabwe’s literacy rating which ranges among the highest on the African continent is not negatively affected. Private schools built by business institutions and more schools by churches would, in this writer’s mind, come handy in augmenting government’s efforts in our country’s educational system.

Next, the home sweet home mantra should motivate historians who may be academics or gifted writers to pen the history of our motherland as other patriotic people in other countries have done about their own proud countries.

Our government has said the history of Zimbabwe must now grace schools’ syllabi.

The late former President Robert Mugabe

 Which   reminds this   communicologist of a public requirement made by our late president Robert Mugabe for the setting up of a committee or group of historians to produce history of a country that freed itself from the heavy boot of western imperialism to be the proud Zimbabwe that we are today.

This pen is immediately reminded of a recent story aired by a local radio station about a man who slept in a tree in a certain part of Zimbabwe because he apparently he had no home of his own. 

Which in a way is similar to our black people who slept in trees as it were in racist Rhodesia because they no longer had a place they could call home after their native country, our Zimbabwe had been seized and taken away from them by foreign white racist colonisers. 

An armed revolution by gallant sons and daughters of the soil retrieved our abducted motherland, the Zimbabwe we now proudly live in and their gallantry which saw some of them sacrificing their precious lives in a bid to bring back home sweet home to its true earners must be immortalised in the history books for present and future generations to know where our motherland came from so that they become die hard patriots as guardians of the freedom and independence that we enjoy today.

That way a brave new future for our black race will be replicated sine die.

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