Honda fit menace continues as two more are arrested for Rio Turn murder. Inspector Abednico Ncube

Prince Ngwenya, [email protected]

POLICE  in Bulawayo have arrested two more suspects for the killing of a man at Rio Turnoff, along Luveve road.

The incident occurred on 30 September at around 4:40 am.

Police initially arrested Melcan Moyo(27), Wellington Ndebele(24) in connection with the murder, following a high speed chase last week.

In a statement, Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube said two more suspects Tatenda Webster Tichivangana(35), and Charles Mhindu(40) had been arrested.

He said Victor Ncube, now deceased, was tased and stoned near Entumabe bush  area, close to Rio turn  by the four suspects following a dispute in a Honda Fit vehicle.

Insp Ncube said the victim died before an ambulance arrived.

He was found bleeding from his mouth and ears.

“Police confirms the arrest of four accused persons Wellington Ndebele a male adult aged 24 years of Gwabalanda Bulawayo, Melcan Moyo a male adult aged 27 of Mahatshula North Bulawayo. Tatenda Webster Tichivangana a male adult aged 35 of Gwabalanda Bulawayo and Charles Mhindu a male adult aged 40 of Njube Bulawayo for murder of Victor Ncube a male adult aged 25 years of Magwegwe North Bulawayo.

“On the 30th of September 2023 at around 0440 hrs Melcan Moyo who is a mushikashika honda fit driver was pirating from town to Western suburbs along Luveve road. An altercation arose between

the now deceased with other passengers over an undisclosed issue. That altercation led to the driver stopping the car and all the occupants started to attack the now deceased.

” As they were busy assaulting him with stones and also shocking him with an electric taser, they were seen by a male adult aged 25 who was heading home from an all-night prayer. They chased the now deceased across Luveve road towards the Entumbane bushy area. The accused persons later emerged from the bush, boarded their Honda Fit ADJ 7080 and drove away whilst the now deceased was following from behind begging for forgiveness. The now deceased then fell on the tarmac, said Insp Ncube.

“The informant then alerted a male adult aged 33 years working at Rio Turn Overnight Car Park. They both proceeded to where the now deceased was lying on the road gasping for air.

“He had a stab wound on the left hip, and was bleeding from his ears, mouth and nose. He died before the arrival of the ambulance. A police report was made. Through the vehicle registration the Police who were manning roadblock at Luveve road managed to arrest two accused persons after a high speed chase.

“Police detectives made some follow-ups of information provided by members of the public leading to the arrest of other two accused persons. The four accused persons were taken back to the scene for indications and the police recovered the deceased’s cellphone which assisted in locating his aunt, a female adult aged 28 of Magwegwe North and that is how the now deceased was identified,”said Insp Ncube.

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