Hooray to clockwise brain operations

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Hooray to clockwise brain operations Lithium mining in Fort Rixon

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Stephen Mpofu, Perspective
LET us all lavish praise on some of our people for their demonstration of unmitigated patriotism by supporting Government’s bold economic modernisation initiatives with their training of young people in upgrading the mining sector.
This particular discourse is about young Zimbabweans reaping benefits of technical capacity after attending phases of training on fundamentals of mining management in partnership with the Zimbabwe School of Mines.

The young miners should be viewed by all Zimbabweans as promoting the revolutionary spirit bequeathed to all young Zimbabweans by the gallant sons and daughters of the soil who forsook pleasurable stints of life in colonial Rhodesia to free the motherland and our black race from oppressive rule by white foreigners in order to exploit the mineral wealth pulsating underground in many parts of our country for the benefit of indigenous inhabitants.

It therefore behooves on Zimbabwean youth of both sexes to safeguard this country’s wealth in both modern days and in postmodernity as a way of celebrating their peers who sacrificed their lives fighting the oppressors in the bush as well as those who lived to see a free Zimbabwe and her people shaping our destiny alongside other, free global villagers, so to speak.

Zimbabwe has been under illegal sanctions by Western imperialists in a bid to decimate our economy and in the process cause the ouster of our revolutionary Zanu-PF rulers from power in order for stooges kowtowing to neocolonial rulers filling the gap created and supporting the milking away of this country’s wealth to swell the bellies of foreign white black haters.

Now then, after being capacitated to exploit our country’s underground mineral wealth the young miners in point above should undergo further training at home or abroad where possible, to acquire skills to process raw minerals here at home for export rather than have the unprocessed mineral carted off for refining abroad with no Zimbabwean observers around to ensure that the country receives its due value in prices of the exported minerals.

Of course, foreign investors are welcome to spend their hard-earned cash here and get their due return on the investment.
But to allow any investor to remove raw minerals to their native countries for processing and sale does not wash because — who knows — if some unscrupulous people will reap more from our exported minerals while the source this country receives peanuts as a “thank you”.

What therefore stands out as a fair suggestion vis-à-vis the above is a quid pro quo formula in the exportation and importation of our country’s mineral resources.

Back here at home the young miners, hopefully both young men and women being empowered should desist from rampant mining operations for which many other mineral exploiters have, and continue to be blamed for environmental vandalism with of late, alluvial goldminers being censured, for instance, for digging up riverbeds in their search for the yellow metal and in the process silting waterbodies to deprive livestock and human beings of water for drinking and domestic use.

Of late other mineral hunters are being blamed for endangering motorists in particular along the Shurugwi-Zvishavane road by rampantly digging up pits in their search for minerals.

Otherwise Zimbabwe remains far from succumbing to foreign economic sanctions with the country now producing two million metric tonnes of grain a year and becoming food self-sufficient while at the same time getting poised to export wheat which the country previously imported.

The clear story emerging from the above analysis is that with unflinching determination for political and economic independence, underpinned by the motto ‘unity, peace and development’, Zimbabwe should be forever free by all aspects of freedom and self-determination.

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