Hopeville brings down the cost of housing


Come and be part of the City ON A RISE.  A development of more than 1000 stands in Bulawayo North. Hopeville is moving quickly and time is running out. As the skyline in Bulawayo starts to change, we can see not just talk, but action.

Where is Hopeville?

Hopeville is located on the map below which is exactly half way between the airport and the city centre.  It is the area of Bulawayo that is ready for development and expansion, and Hopeville is right at the centre of this opportunity.


Servicing of phase 1 of this prime real estate will be completed in May 2017, and from there on the project is focusing on houses. (www.hopeville.co.zw)

If you want to buy a stand in Phase 1, you need to contact the office immediately, because pricing will be increased by as much as 30% after May 1st 2017.  Register Here: https://form.myjotform.com/70903444472556 and tick the box requesting “Stand Only (to build my own house)” to get the process moving forward.  You can find out prices from the website: www.hopeville.co.zw

What does Servicing include?

Hopeville is investing in the fabric and future of Bulawayo, not purely as a developer but as a member of the community, working with council, and other stakeholders to change the way we live and work in the years to come. Hopeville is being serviced by JRG, and will be serviced to a higher quality than any current development in Bulawayo, with street lights, tar roads, and connection to sewage, electricity and water ready to go.

Hopeville is being serviced by JRG with Phase 1 completed by June 2017

With a housing shortage in Bulawayo of more than 200,000 units, Hopeville is working to bring down the cost of housing and partnering with financial institutions to get houses to a level where they are affordable.  As many experts tell us, investing in property is a good option for the future, and whether you buy a house to live in, or rent out; these hold value in the long term.


How much are houses and when are they available?

At Hopeville, the intention is that houses will be built in both clusters, and townhouse complexes – initial indications are that each unit could start from as little as $50,000 each. The final pricing will be released late in June, but you can register your interest even now, and be at the front of the queue when the pricing is released (https://form.myjotform.com/70903444472556).

The affordability of the house, means that with a mortgage from a financial institution a family could put down a deposit and be paying as little as $400 a month, depending on their income over a period of 20 years.  Exact figures need to be arranged on a one-to-one basis with the financial institution, and Hopeville does not attempt to work out these details for any individual.


The building of houses will begin in August 2017. Initial indications tell us that if people pay a deposit, have agreed financing or indeed actually be able to pay upfront for the house, they will be able to move in before Easter next year.


The City on a Rise is not just a new development but a huge venture into the expansion of the city of Bulawayo, reigniting economic growth, creating jobs and inspiring hope. Hopeville possesses the opportunity to transform Bulawayo, impact Zimbabwe and lead the way on how urban growth can be transformed across Africa.


It is more than selling stands and houses; Hopeville has an extremely exciting contribution to redefine how housing and communities are developed.

What is the process to buy a house?

If you want to buy either a stand (only available in Phase 1 until 30th April 2017) or a house, you need to:

1)            Register your interest using this online link (https://form.myjotform.com/70903444472556):

2)            A sales agent at Hopeville will contact you, and will give you ideas about what might be possible for your budget, income and timescale;

3)            You need to negotiate the finances with either a financial institution offering mortgages, or a loan or another method;

4)            Then you can pay your deposit and sign your agreement;

5)            Once all legalities are completed on the developer side, as well as your side with payments (as per your unique agreement),

6)            … you can move in!!

How do I find out more?

There are lots of ways to find out more and stay in touch with the development.  You can visit the site office, call us, register online and follow us on Facebook.  Not to mention the website and newsletter… details are:

Site office: off the Woodville Road, Bulawayo (sign posts from the airport road)

Call or WhatsApp: +263 778 952 640

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/HopevilleProp/

Website: www.hopeville.co.zw

Join the newsletter: https://hopeville.co.zw/#follow

Explore the opportunity to buy a house or buy 300?!  There are corporate and business opportunities available, speak to a sales agent!

This is the one development where you can have your say in how schools are developed, shopping malls furnished and the businesses that come to call Hopeville their home. So do not delay, be part of Hopeville TODAY.

Remember Phase 1 Special Discount Ends 30th April 2017

The views expressed in this advertorial do not necessarily reflect the views of the Chronicle but those of Hopeville.

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