Hotstix’s accuser refuses to talk

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Hotstix’s accuser refuses to talk

The Chronicle

Johannesburg — One of the men alleged to have been kidnapped and assaulted by legendary jazz musician Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse refused to shed light into why he had dropped the charges.

Anthony Mamoepe did not attend the matter in Lenasia Magistrate’s Court earlier on Friday where Mabuse walked out a free man.

Journalists arrived at Mamoepe’s home in Pimville and found him outside the yard, wearing a blue overall jacket and a red cap.

He rushed into the yard and his mother came out to speak to the media.

She said she was unaware of what had happened in court but was happy it was over.

Upon seeing a camera, she suddenly refused to talk and left reporters standing outside her door, shutting it behind her. Mamoepe also refused to comment and asked that they be left alone.

It was unclear what had motivated him and 18-year-old Thando Mbonambi to drop the charges after they alleged Mabuse and two men kidnapped them and locked them in Mabuse’s home where they were assaulted for hours.

It was alleged Mabuse had taken the law into his own hands after the pair allegedly stole a car battery from his house in Pimville, Soweto.

He reportedly tracked the two down as they attempted to sell it. The two young men live within metres of Mabuse’s home.

Meanwhile, the case against Mabuse was struck off the roll and he too refused to give insight on the matter, directing all questions to his lawyer Victor Nkwashu.

Mabuse had handed himself over to police after releasing the two injured men.

He later appeared in court and was granted bail of R2,000.

Mbonambi was in court with his aunt, Cebisile for Friday’s proceedings. Dressed in a red shirt, he remained mum outside court. His aunt also refused to speak to the media. — AP

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