House in CBD celebrates one year anniversary Zulu Da House Maniac

Natasha Mutsiba, [email protected]

Bulawayo’s popular house music movement, House in CBD, celebrated its one-year anniversary at Stop Over Bar and Restaurant on Saturday. DJ Monks was the main act for the day and Feel G, Slim T, Zulu Da House Maniac, Ndoe, Vitor Bravo, Deeper Mr Stripes and Ray_Naldo (Gweru) were on the decks too.

The concept behind House in CBD is to showcase upcoming and international house music DJs, and it has quickly become a staple on the local music scene. Philip Phiri, the entertainment manager for House in CBD said one of the key factors contributing to the success of House in CBD is the consistent support from patrons. 

“Factors that have significantly contributed to the success of this is the consistent support from patrons. It has challenged us to keep up with the expectations by providing the best of local talent,” he said.

Vitor Bravo

The venue has worked closely with several small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the street food and street clothing industries, collaborating on local brands such as Zim Active, and Dip Street, a local street food brand. 

Additionally, House in CBD has partnered with Sneaker Expo on a charity project involving sneaker donations.

“Over the past year, we have had over 3 000 attending our sessions collectively having an average of about 200 patrons per session,” added Phiri.

The venue is known for promoting rare house music, whether local or international productions. Carefully crafted lineups with detailed timeslots have helped grow the culture of house music in the city, providing a platform for both celebrated stars and underdogs in the industry.

Phiri said the biggest challenge for House in CBD has been securing sponsorship to expand its offerings.

“The biggest challenge that we have faced is getting sponsorship to extend and pass the knowledge to persons interested in the music industry by conducting life changing workshops,” he said.

DJ Ndo

Despite this challenge, House in CBD has managed to collaborate with SMEs and local DJs to create an effective local brand. The venue has also launched online survey campaigns, allowing patrons to register and provide insights about the brand through their experiences.

Phiri said looking ahead, House in CBD has an exciting project lined up for October. The venue will be launching the Disque Jockey Masterclass, a comprehensive mentorship and training program aimed at nurturing upcoming DJs and equipping them with the necessary skills to pursue successful careers in the music industry.

The positive feedback from patrons has been overwhelming, and this one-year anniversary celebration is a testament to the success and impact of House in CBD.

DJ Skaiva

“Patrons have since given positive feedback and these events naturally provide a platform to network, which is one of the most important aspects of the industry. We have seen many DJs perform here having got referrals from the patrons themselves,” he said.

As the venue continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to promoting local talent, collaborating with SMEs, and providing valuable opportunities for aspiring DJs in Bulawayo. —@Tashamutsiba

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