‘House music is dying’

18 Jun, 2019 - 00:06 0 Views
‘House music is dying’ DJ Skaiva

The Chronicle

Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter

RENOWNED House music producer, DJ Skaiva, is concerned as he feels the house genre in Bulawayo may just fizzle out as its artistes/DJs are not putting in the work.

The DJ, who is one of the best House music producers in the country, said: “The local house scene is stuck to be honest. It’s not growing. Two years back, people were producing and releasing music regularly, but nowadays, artistes and producers are no longer releasing a lot of music which is worrying. 

“House artistes are becoming fewer and fewer by the day. If we don’t want the genre to die, then we as house artistes/producers must pull up our socks .” 

Some of the house artistes and DJs in the city are Qeqeshiwe “Qeqe” Mntambo, Zhezhingtons, Shirati, DJ Prince, Novuyo Seagirl, Fraz and Donara and Djembe Monks. Qeqe is now focusing on Afro-Jazz with Fraz and Donara who were behind the Seqamabhilidi hit going their separate ways.

Djembe Monks, who released an album last year, are one of the few remaining groups who are trying to keep the genre alive as well as new entry, Seagirl. 

To try and revive the genre, Skaiva said he has an EP (Extended Play) which he worked on with a lot of kwaito/house artistes from the city that he will be releasing soon.

“On the EP, I discovered that there were a lot of talented kwaito artistes so I recorded with them to try and boost them. People should look out for the EP as I promise that it’s going to be amazing,” he said.

After the EP, DJ Skaiva, who has worked with numerous underground artistes and ExQ, said he would like to work with the likes of Tamy Moyo, Toshi from South Africa and Jeys Marabini.

 The producer, who is nominated for a Roil Bulawayo Arts Award (RoilBAA) in the Outstanding Kwaito/House Act category for the third time in a row, said it is encouraging that year in year out, his works are being acknowledged. 

“I’m very honoured to be nominated again this year considering that it’s my third nomination in three years in the same category. It really shows that my work is being appreciated.

“Being nominated with the cream of house/dance music in the form of Novuyo Seagirl and Mawiza is also a bonus,” said Skaiva who won the previous two editions. 

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