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How request for 10 bond sired feeding scheme

13 Jan, 2022 - 10:01 0 Views
How request for 10 bond sired feeding scheme T3rry Tempo

The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter

LAST year, rapper T3rry Tempo (real name Terrance K Sibanda) was walking around the streets of Bulawayo and suddenly bumped into a homeless fellow who asked for a ZWL10 note, a request that led to the rapper establishing a feeding scheme to help the needy.

The Milkshake singer said he was touched by the fact that there were people begging for as little as ZWL10, an amount not worth anything. He said he realised that them asking for this amount was just a cry for help.

“What’s ZWL10 worth nowadays? When those kids approached me asking for as little as ZWL10, it touched me and made me ask myself what ZWL10 was worth to them.

“It immediately dawned on my mind that they were simply trying to get a meal and I figured that if I could bridge that gap and give them a warm meal, I’d have surely made someone smile on that day and that would be a good feeling,” said T3rry.

He said this is what birthed his philanthropic drive which he said is open to all those who may want to assist.

“We’re doing a charity scheme to feed the homeless and we’re using funds from our own pockets. It’s about trying to help as many people to get a meal on a daily basis. We’re open to sponsorships and any other contributions.”

The first batch of takeaways was distributed to random homeless people last Tuesday around the streets of Bulawayo’s CBD.

Quizzed about the reason behind donating food to random, homeless people instead of orphanages, children’s and old people’s homes, T3rry Tempo said that they did not want to waste time and money going through the process of approval before donating.

Not resting on his laurels, the rapper said he is going to join forces with fast-food joint, Slice Pizzeria for their orphanage campaign to carry the philanthropic drive forward. – @eMKlass_49



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