‘If walls could talk’: raped daughter says

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‘If walls could talk’: raped daughter says

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A Johannesburg woman who was allegedly raped by her father and fell pregnant with two of his children decided to break her cycle of abuse by reporting him to the police, fearing for her life.

Elizabeth* spoke out for the first time this week about the alleged sexual and physical abuse that she endured for several years at the hands of her 52-year-old father, following her mother’s death in 2003.

This, after the man arrived home on Monday and accused the 32-year-old paramedic of being unfaithful to him, she said.

“I was off-duty on Monday at home with the children when he arrived in the evening. He accused me of cheating and seeing someone behind his back. As I was explaining that I was not seeing someone, he began hitting me. He hit me with his hand this time. I ran to the bathroom and lied to him that I was on my monthly period and needed to buy (sanitary) pads.

“I drove straight to the police station where I explained to the police what happened to me. I was quickly assisted and police came and arrested him at home. My children, who witnessed the beating, also gave police their statements,” she said.

The man has been charged with three counts of rape and three of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. More rape charges could be added.

The accused, a retired paramedic, appeared in the Protea Regional Court on Thursday and was expected to formally apply for bail on November 14.

According to Elizabeth, her children — aged 8 and 14 — only know the man as their father and are not aware that he is actually their mother’s father as well.

The woman sobbed as she explained her ordeal.

She said many people, including the children, thought she and the man were a married couple.

One of their neighbours even described them as a happy couple that loved their children, she said.

“If walls could talk. These structures called homes, if they had mouths to speak, many would know what is behind them,” she said.

Her body was covered in physical scars and the area around one of her eyes is bruised.

— Sapa

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