Illegal mining claims life of a Bulawayo man

Ashley Phiri, [email protected]

POLICE have confirmed the unfortunate demise of Chris Moyo, a resident of New Parklands, who was found dead at a pit in Khumalo. The incident, which occurred during an illegal mining operation, is currently under investigation.

According to reports, a security officer stationed at the Khumalo pit which is owned by the Bulawayo City Council, was informed by an illegal miner of someone trapped within the pit. Upon investigation, the security officer found Moyo immobile and subsequently filed a police report.

The Fire Brigade was summoned to assist in retrieving the body. Preliminary assessments suggest that Moyo may have been struck by a rock following the collapse of a mine shaft, resulting in severe head injuries.

A close acquaintance of Moyo verified that he had departed his residence with the intent to mine gold illegally at the site.

Police issued a stern warning to the public, cautioning against the dangers of unauthorised mining activities.

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