‘I’m okay with second wife’

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‘I’m okay with second wife’

The Chronicle

She said she had tried to keep the issue a secret for some time. But the debate on the issue had generated and had forced her to say something. Macheso’s wife said she had long accepted and ‘blessed’ the union. She would not follow Tongai Moyo’s late wife Barbara Munchengeti’s example, she said. “If Alick marrying a second wife, was something I had not accepted, you could have heard that there are quarrels at Macheso’s house. Or you could have heard that I had committed suicide, as Tongai Moyo’s wife did,” she said.

She warmly referred to Tafadzwa as her “younger sister”. “It is natural with men that they can have two wives. Ndinoziva munin’ina wangu (Tafadzwa) and she respects me. We have no problems at all,” said Mai Sharon at her Chitungwiza’s Unit A home. She said both Tafadzwa and Macheso had a lot of respect for her.

“Tafadzwa respects me a lot. We have never fought. I actually talk to her almost every day. This is an official relationship (between Macheso and Tafadzwa) and there is nothing to hype about it,” she said. Tafadzwa called during H-Metro’s presence and talked to Mai Sharon before the latter gave the phone to Macheso who spoke to her for some time while H-Metro spoke to Mai Sharon.

“Tafadzwa has just called me, asking if Baba Sharon had taken me to see a doctor. She is concerned. Since I suffered a miscarriage some time ago I have never fully recovered. So, I need to see a doctor,” Mai Sharon said. It was all hugs and kisses in the Macheso home. Mai Sharon has five children with the sungura maestro. She said because everything had been formalised to her she had not quarrelled.

She said she had not been open to other sections of the media about the relationship as she had seen nothing wrong in a man who had taken another wife. “The world over, men have girlfriends, one way or the other. I heard it through the rumour mill that my husband and Tafadzwa have been having a steamy relationship.

“But that came to be formalised and we are living as we used to do,” she said. Her health had not shown that she was stressed at all. “I am as healthy as before,” she said. “I am not stressed at all.” Mai Sharon brushed aside the talk that Macheso was spending most of his time with Tafadzwa.

“I have given Macheso simple rules that he sleeps here every night, takes a bath and all his clothes are kept here. He goes to Tafadzwa’s place from here.” Mai Sharon described Tafadzwa as a mature woman; “Munin’ina wangu is mature.” She said Tafadzwa visited them frequently. Mai Sharon also defended Tafadzwa’s previous marriage. She said she had not been married to the notorious robber Major Sanyati who is on the run. “Tafadzwa had been married and her marriage broke down a long time ago, she was not married to an armed robber as some would want to say.”

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