Insurance, anyone?

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Insurance, anyone? Bible

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Exodus 16:16-20, the Israelites were given an instruction by the Lord not to leave any of it for the next day. They were supposed to pick enough for the day. God was teaching them the lesson of trusting in Him for the next day’s meal. God is saying He wants you to learn to trust in Him and depend on Him.

Human beings have a saving mentality. They want to cushion their life for the future. We always want to make sure that we are safe tomorrow. Everybody wants insurance. God is saying, your insurance must not be gathering or saving more but it must be in Him. God must be your insurance. You must trust in Him. He will ensure that tomorrow you have manna again. People want assurance through insurance.

They want to be assured they are safe and will not lose in the future. We usually want to make sure we are well ahead of time. We plan for 2023, what am I going to do, what will I eat, what will I give my family tomorrow, how am I going to pay my workers? That is how human beings think, they want life that way but God was saying I want you to put your insurance in me, trust in me. That is the most difficult thing for a human being, putting their total trust in God.

Do you know that no matter how much God does good things for us, we still struggle with doubt every day? Somehow, we forget how we came to where we are today. There is this baffling forgetfulness in human beings that is just inexplicable. The Israelites had a promise of provision straight from God. It was Him who was giving them the manna but you find that some of them collected and left some for the morning. They were in doubt. They were not sure if God was really meaning what He was saying. Doubt asks if the word of God really means what it says. Doubt questions if the word of God is true.

By Bishop Dr Prophet B S Chiza – Eagle Life Assembly.

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