Investment more in cultural centres — Chief

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Investment more in cultural  centres — Chief Scenes from the Culture Week launch held in Chief Matibe’s area, Beitbridge West last Friday. — Pictures by Thupeyo Muleya

The Chronicle

Thupeyo Muleya, Beitbridge Bureau
Beitbridge’s paramount traditional leader, Chief Tshitaudze (David Mbedzi) has challenged development agencies and local authorities to channel more resources towards the construction of additional cultural centres.

He said well-developed cultural centres are key to the growth of community-based tourism.

The traditional leader said the Beitbridge community has diverse cultures drawn from the Vha Venda, Vha Sotho, Shangani and Vha Pfumbi people.

Chief Matibe

He made the remarks while launching the province’s Culture Month celebrations that were held at Chief Matibe’s homestead, some 100km east of Beitbridge Town on Friday.

Chief Tshitaudze said it was critical for Zimbabweans to celebrate cultural diversity as it promotes social cohesion which is critical for nation-building.

“As traditional leaders we urge the business community, local authorities and members of the community to participate fully in the construction of cultural centres in support of the arts industry and community tourism within Beitbridge,” he said.

Chief Tshiraudze said arts is now business and as such artistes should earn a living from their arts careers.

“We need these cultural centres which provide a platform for artistes to showcase and market their talent.

In addition, cultural centres, if well-developed, can attract tourists from other countries,” he said.

Chief Tshitaudze said it was also critical for women’s clubs in the district to take up business opportunities created by the establishment of cultural centres.

He said they could sell curios, baskets, meals and many other cultural products.

Speaking during the same function, Chief Matibe (Elisha Mbedzi), said traditional leaders and community leaders should work together to promote unity and equality.

He said this can be achieved in a society where cultural diversity is respected, valued and appreciated.

In separate interviews, youths from across the Beitbridge district said they were excited to learn more about their culture from the community leaders.

“Events like these give us a sense of self-pride as young people.

We must be proud of who we are and at the same time, we must continue learning about our culture from the community elders so that we also pass it on to the next generation,” said Adrian Muleya from the Tshiraralani area.

Another youth, Elizabeth Moyo, said the construction of more culture centres around Beitbridge would help to nurture talent.

The availability and accessibility of cultural information closer to the people, she said, will help to build the confidence of most young people who will learn a lot from historians and the community leaders at these centres. — @tupeyo

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