Is there anything called a petticoat government?

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Is there anything called a petticoat government?

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Women who are bound by “water pot” beliefs have an understanding that they need a double anointing of Gods power to be set free, which is totally wrong.

They accept these “water pot” beliefs and begin to flow in weightless identities, trapped with these attitudes and mindsets to the extent of perpetuating them to the younger women.

These beliefs have become some “water pot model” systems and structures that most women have become characterized with.

Women have been told that there are no female preachers or teachers but this will be biblically proven in the chapters to follow.

All women have the desire to be married and to bear children. But at the end of it all they are named “baby machines”. This leaves women with insecurities and doubt about themselves.

Some women have died with untapped potential that was meant to be used in the kingdom of God.

I once saw a sticker on an omnibus that said “If a woman was good and productive, God would have one,” another one read, “A woman is multiplication of trouble and subtraction of money.”

People fail to understand that God is not a man. He is spirit and cannot marry. These statements are a clear picture of what men think of women. Little do they know that God honours women that is why he brought His one and only son, Jesus Christ through a woman!

Mary was the earthly mother of Jesus, but, that does not mean we should worship Mary. We must worship and praise Jesus that came from heaven. Many people have doubted the leadership of women that is why they have nicknamed it the “petticoat government”.

Women must be respected because they are very capable of improving a man’s life. If a woman comes into a man’s life everything changes, he begins to do things he never thought were possible.

I respect my beautiful wife very much because I have accomplished many productive things in my life, which I could not have done without her help, guidance and encouragement.

I say NO to gender related violence, rape and discrimination of women. Men must learn to uphold the value of a woman and cherish the wisdom and knowledge that they have been given by God concerning the affairs of life.

God Bless…

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