Ish the Artist ready for art gallery showcase  Ish The Artist

Mthabisi Tshuma,[email protected] 

THE talents of Ish the Artist, known in the real world as Ishmael Marimirofa, come to life in his exhibition, “Once Upon A Time” which will be showcased at the National Art Gallery in Bulawayo on Thursday at 17:30.

Ish the Artist possesses a unique and visionary approach to his craft, transforming discarded materials such as scrap metals, copper, and paper into astonishing works of art. His creations serve as a testament to the boundless creativity that thrives in the embrace of nature.

“My theme is ‘Once upon a time – A Nostalgic Feeling’. Why that theme? Once upon a time comes into play because the media I use was once used for a different purpose and now comes with another purpose. The nostalgic bit comes because of the memories we have about the good old days before litter defaced our environment. Also some pieces have been crafted such that they bring back memories as one interacts with them.

“There are also some pieces that touch on Climate change as a way of discouraging the world from polluting the environment through many ways resulting in the suffering of innocent creation on earth. My pieces focus on yesteryear and day to day life. Hence the the theme “Once upon a time; A Nostalgic Feeling” However my main objective is to have an exhibition that creates a clean environment making the world see and appreciate art in ‘trash’,” said Ish The Artist.


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