Jah Prayzah, Miss Curvy stir up controversy

26 Jul, 2019 - 00:07 0 Views
Jah Prayzah, Miss Curvy stir up controversy Jah Prayzah and Tanya Chikuni

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FORMER Miss Curvy Zimbabwe, Tanya Chikuni, has stirred controversy on social media after posting cozy photos of her and Jah Prayzah in Victoria Falls.

Chikuni, a former Miss Zimbabwe finalist who had been off the showbiz radar for a while, resurfaced this week when she was featured on Jah Prayzah’s Sadza Nemuriwo music video which was released on YouTube on Monday.

After the video was released, Tanya, who played the role of Jah Prayzah’s fiancée, posted images of her and Jah Prayzah all cozy in Victoria Falls on her Instagram. Upon seeing the images, likely taken when they were shooting the video, most started asking “from which scene were these photos taken?”

Once again, most, especially women, started sympathising with Jah Prayzah’s wife, Rufaro, for having to witness such. Some suggested that she be given an award for being the strongest wife of the century.

Mukadzi wa Alefu anofanira kupihwa award re the strongest wife of the whole century. Ngatimbomuombererai maoko, she’s a strong woman. Ini handizvigoni izvi makazin. (Jah Prayzah’s wife deserves to be given an award for being the strongest wife of the century. Let’s clap hands for her, she’s a strong woman. I personally can’t deal with this),” commented one Nyarie Wangu. 

Some claimed that because of the chemistry on the photos, they had mistaken Chikuni for Rufaro.

Ndanga ndati ndi Mai Jah (I thought it was Jah Prayzah’s wife) when I saw the photos,” commented another on Facebook.

The women felt that Jah Prayzah, even though shooting music videos, has a tendency of being too comfortable with women he collaborates with. 

Some also felt that Chikuni was wrong for posting the cozy images as it seemed as if she wanted to spite Rufaro. 

Contacted for comment yesterday, Chikuni said she could not comment without being given a go ahead by Jah Prayzah’s Military Touch Movement record label. 

Previously, Jah Prayzah, who at one point had images of him cozying up with Henrietta Rushwaya leaked, has said Rufaro understands his job as an artiste and that she has no issues with his conduct as she knows it is purely business. 

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