Jah Prayzah ‘stunt’ angers Mai TT

31 Jan, 2019 - 00:01 0 Views
Jah Prayzah ‘stunt’ angers Mai TT

The Chronicle

Tonderai Zvimba, Showbiz Reporter
Online comedian Mai TT has criticised Jah Prayzah for what she believes was a publicity stunt by the contemporary musician when he pushed disabled singer Greatman at Tuku’s tribute concert last week.

She claimed that off-camera Jah Prayzah does not show support to the 25-year-old musician.

Many have come to know the fast rising musician Tongai Gwaze better known as Greatman through his collaboration with Dendera musician Sulumani Chimbetu.

Mai TT claimed she discovered the Mhangura-based musician two years ago.

“I was so angered by Jah Prayzah when he pretended to be this caring artiste at Tuku’s tribute concert when he rushed to push Greatman’s wheelchair so as to be seen by the public as caring. That was very bad. Greatman’s biggest wish is to collaborate with Jah Prayzah and Jah Prayzah has never shown interest in working with Greatman,” said Mai TT.

She said the only person who heeded Greatman’s desire was Sulumani.

“I have always reached out to local artistes for the past two years including the so-called big artistes to help this amazing, talented musician and the only artiste who showed interest is Sulumani Chimbetu,” she said.

“Greatman told me that he had approached many artistes before but it was all in vain and he thought it was because he was disabled that they did not want to work with him.”

His collaboration with Sulumani birthed a song called Pandakazvarwa.

Mai TT said she immediately fell in love with Greatman’s voice as it touched her and started pushing his cause on her social media platforms.

“We did a live video together on my page where he was singing and people started asking for his number so as to make financial contributions and that day alone he received over a thousand dollars to his EcoCash.”

“I thank Sulumani very much for intervening as he is the only artiste who responded positively towards Greatness. May God bless him and I would not have been surprised or angered that day to see Sulumani pushing Greatman that day or even one of my fans from the UK who bought him a wheelchair who was there on that day not Jah Prayzah who was doing it for his public relations yet off the cameras they are a no show.”

Greatman will be performing in United Kingdom alongside Alick Macheso, Sulumani and Seh Calaz in March.

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