Jah Signal in car crash

14 Sep, 2018 - 00:09 0 Views
Jah Signal in car crash Jah Signal (left), with his father Edfus Mutize and manager, Hillary Muchenje

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
FAST-rising Zimdancehall star Jah Signal will be out for a month after he was involved in an accident in Harare.

The popular musician suffered bruises and broken ribs and might postpone the launch of his debut album Jaya.

Contrary to social media reports that the Sweetie (Shinga Muroora) hit maker was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after the accident, his manager Hillary Muchenje said all was well.

Jah Signal was, according to a statement on social media, involved in an accident on Wednesday evening on his way from the studio that left him and an unnamed friend in the ICU at Avenues Clinic in the capital.

“Zimdancehall’s top chanter and man of the moment Jah Signal aka Nicodemus Mutize was involved in a serious accident this evening. It is said that Jah Signal has been admitted at the Avenues clinic. He was later moved to ICU where he is still unconscious.

“He has suffered broken ribs, bruises and concussion. Statements from eye witnesses state that Jah Signal’s long time friend was driving Jah to the studio where he is putting final touches to his new album called Jaya.

“It is said that Jah’s friend was cut at an intersection by a kombi and he lost control and collided head-on with a lorry carrying sand. The car was damaged at the front and was thrown off the road instantly deploying airbags. Jah Signal’s friend is also in the intensive care. Let’s all hope and pray that it all goes well,” read the statement that was circulating.

However, Jah Signal’s manager Muchenje said although his artiste was involved in an accident and some of his ribs were broken, it was not serious and the lanky chanter was fine.

“The doctor gave him a month off, so we’ve cut down on the number of shows we are going to be doing. Maybe we shall postpone the album launch but that depends on how he heals and how he feels,” said Muchenje.

He said Jah Signal was not in ICU.

“I’m at the doctor’s at the moment checking up on him and getting the medication that he needs to recover. He suffered some bruises and broken ribs but no one is in ICU,” said Muchenje.

The chanter went on Instagram Live to show fans that he was fine yesterday.

The album is scheduled to be launched at Long Chen Plaza on a date to be finalised.

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