January 11 is International Thank You Day

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January 11 is International Thank You Day

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Justice Simango

Justice Simango

The origins of this day are unknown and neither do we have historical evidence to trace the year since the day was established. Although there has been speculation about the day, some social commentators feel it was created by some greeting card companies to promote the sale of greeting cards.

Nevertheless, this assumption sounds less appealing, the same way some people find Valentine’s Day and other annual celebrations less convincing.

I always tell people that, the good manners of oneself can be best shown in the sense of words one chooses to use and therefore, saying “thank you” is a good manner that deserves to be recognised and celebrated.

A few people take time to acknowledge the work of others by saying “thank you.” There are those that say “thank you” out of duty or for protocol reasons, but thanking people from your heart will express your appreciation sincerely and without the expectation of something in return.

This year’s International Thank You Day celebrations took place at Eatc Sibanesezwe Primary School, in Romney Park, Bulawayo.  Grade six and seven pupils at the private school captained the day in a courtesy fashion. They saw it essential to show their gratitude from the bottom of their hearts to those who make their lives better and happier.

As a way to mark the importance of telling a thank you, the pupils wrote thank you messages to their teachers, parents, class mates and the grounds and security staff members. Those who ran short of the thank you cards sent electronic mails to their friends and relatives.

The teacher in charge, Mrs Mumbengegwi could not explain how happy she was to be part of a well groomed set of young pupils who value the basic principles of etiquette. She noted that her students had prepared so much for the day, something she didn’t expect because, the day falls during the opening week of schools and pressure is at climax for everyone, but still the boys and girls managed to commemorate the day in style.

The pupils found the activity fun and worthwhile. Some students took the extra step to thank their house assistants at home for the role they play in their lives; others wrote thank you messages for their family medical specialists, just to appreciate their efforts. At the end of it all, some manila charts were glued on the walls of their classrooms, marking the beginning of a new culture in the school calendar and history.

One of the catchy messages read, “Dear Mom and dad – Thank you for raising me, even during the difficult times, you stood besides me and protected me.. I love you so much and I promise not to let you down. Ntombi.”

Some professionals sent thank you cards to their subordinates, while some shop owners texted thank you messages to their regular customers for choosing them. The local people were given a chance to say their thank you messages live on air on local radio stations.

If you are still at the back of the etiquette race, it is not yet too late to sprint and catch up with other well groomed children and professionals. You can always say thank you everyday throughout the year; it does not cost you a cent!

Thank you.

Justice Simango is a Business Etiquette and Grooming Consultant who writes in his own capacity. He is a member of Toastmasters International. Feedback: [email protected], WhatsApp: +263 717 566 382

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