Jeyz to take music beyond borders

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Jeyz to take music beyond borders Jeys Marabini

The Chronicle

Mkhululi Ncube, Showbiz Reporter

AFRO Jazz musician Jeyz Marabini says the time is ripe for him to take his music beyond his motherland and has been in South Africa since last week positioning himself for his new targeted pathway.

Born Majahawodwa Ndlovu the Marabi ace has 10 albums to date, the last being Xola which he launched last year in November.Although 2022 brought with it a share of health challenges the musician seems to be looking at the brighter side of life. “I have been in South Africa since last week, I first attended Call Of Time Africa seminar which brought various countries in Africa, Asia and the world at large.  The seminar was on Spirituality and was organised by Brahma Kumaris . It was an honour to be invited to participate and perform there and share my 30-year music experience. I shared notes with various people and artists who attended the event.

Jeyz Marabini (Sqauting) posing for a picture with delegates who attended the Call Of Africa seminar in South Africa.

 After my acoustic performance people were in love with my music and bought my latest album in a very pleasing manner,” he said.Marabini said after the seminar, he is  taking his time being at the entertainment hub of South Africa Johannesburg to meet various musicians and conduct interviews with a view of growing his music.He said he was ecstatic as he will record a TV interview in one of the SA stations. 

“I will be going for an interview in Richards Bay on KZN TV uGumbu Lwami programme on Monday. I will also meet Luis Mhlanga, Steve Dyer and a number of musicians to see how I can break into the South African market and Africa as a whole. I have done everything there is to do in Zimbabwe and it is time I spread my wings. 

This I hope will result in a number of collaborations with various artists from various countries I have met since I have been in South Africa,” he said. The Umuzi kababa hit maker said 2023 will be a busy year for him as he will be pushing his music more. He said he is recording videos for his latest offering Xola and will be flooding digital stores with his music to tap into the new market it presents.

“So far I have done four videos from Xola album and I want to push that my music is available on all digital stores and all social media platforms. I need to be active on these platforms because that is the direction music has taken and for people to see my works I need to venture into those. Reaching out to Africa and beyond is definitely part of the plans hence this seminar was important for networking and meeting new people to learn new things,” he said. — @themkhust

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