John Pocock: 61yrs in real estate

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John Pocock: 61yrs in real estate One of the properties John Pocock and Company (Pvt) Ltd is selling

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One of the properties John Pocock and Company (Pvt) Ltd is selling

One of the properties John Pocock and Company (Pvt) Ltd is selling

John Pocock and Company (Pvt) Ltd is one of Zimbabwe’s top estate agents and valuers known for professionalism.

The company is a wholly owned Zimbabwean property consultancy firm headquartered in Bulawayo. It was founded in 1955 by John Pocock.

The company has today established itself as a leading estate agent in Bulawayo Metropolitan and surrounding provinces after many years of quality service.

John Pocock has opened an affiliate company in Harare trading as Pocock for Property, and can now provide services to the northern region of the country. Both offices are under the control of long standing registered estate evaluators. The organisation focuses on four separate but interconnected divisions, which are Property Valuations, Property Sales, Property Management and Property Development.

Property Valuations: Valuations underpin nearly all financial decisions from home mortgages to major investment and corporate finance transactions and from assessment of company accounts to stock exchange listings.

Property Sales: John Pocock & Company has a dynamic team of property negotiators, and has for many years been instrumental in a great number of property sales within and around the Bulawayo district. Trust is of paramount importance when making a life decision such as buying a house. With over 60 years in the industry, the company will ensure you feel confident in undertaking the decision to buy a house through its offices at Pocock for Property.

Property Management: Renting out a property in the current economy is a challenge. Tenants are struggling to meet rental payments.

This is largely due to the slow Bulawayo economy. John Pocock goes the extra mile in determining a good quality tenant and in negotiating or coaching tenants to ensure they succeed, thus creating a win-win situation.

Property Development: Over the past few years property developments have been marred in deceitful property deals. John Pocock want to erase the fear of property developments not coming to fruition, leaving buyers stranded. The company is working on several property developments that will succeed and provide prospective buyers the opportunity to own land in Bulawayo. This week the property company will start selling a new development off plan in a suburb dubbed “Hopeville”. The project is moving at a rapid pace.

Furthermore this year Pocock for Property will be working alongside builders to ensure cost effective and timely building can be achieved for buyers. A revolutionary building system will be introduced into the market soon greatly reducing the cost of building thus helping people achieve their dream home sooner.

John Pocock encourages members of the public to use registered agents when buying or selling properties as these follow a tight code of ethics that has your best interest at heart.

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