JoyRukanza teases new album with trailer JoyRukanza


Mthabisi Tshuma, Online Reporter

SONGBIRD JoyRukanza has released an album trailer and revealed track names for her much-anticipated debut album titled MatterMoreForSis.

The album is due for release on June 23 and it will be availed on a number of digital platforms.

Last week, JoyRukanza released an album trailer on her YouTube page as a way of gathering momentum and giving her fans a glimpse of what they should expect from her studio album.

The album was produced by Zimbabwe producers JustPercy, Murphy Cubic and Phanas, Trone from Tanzania and Def Starz from Croatia. It was mastered by an England sound engineer Rogan Kelsey.

She said the album has a number of genres, but mostly RnB, NeoSoul, Pop and Hip Hop. MatterMoreForSis, she said inherently tells the story of a woman and her different experiences with unrequited love.

“It has 11 tracks, Survive The Night, House, Qu We She featuring Azana, Go, TLC, Roses, Queendom, Timeout, Easy, Newday featuring Kid X and Somebody.

“I have a couple of videos lined up that shall be released to support the album. As far as the trailer is concerned, I created it to announce my upcoming album release, to explain the MatterMoreForSis story, and to also provide a sneak preview of the album.

“I also used the trailer to announce my album tracklist. If you listen to the trailer’s narration, you will note that the poem conveys the album songlist in chronological order. I thought it would be a fun and exciting way of sharing the long-awaited message with my audience,” said JoyRukanza. – @mthabisi_mthire

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