Junior Garnet’s music comeback…rapper shifts to Christian Hip-Hop

17 Aug, 2022 - 14:08 0 Views
Junior Garnet’s music comeback…rapper shifts to Christian Hip-Hop Junior Garnet

The Chronicle

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter

RAP artiste Junior Garnet is set to cut his musical sabbatical next Monday when he releases a single titled He Is The Way.

The former Ndebele rap musician will announce his return with a shift of genres as he is now focused on Christian Hip Hop.

He Is The Way features award-winning songbird-cum-actress Lee McHoney and it will be released under the newly launched Kings Youth Centre led by Zvikomborero “Lil Megaz” Nyamandi. The track was produced by Larynx at Certified Audio formerly Certified Music Records.

Said Junior Garnet: “The song marks my return to the music scene since January 2020 and officially marks my switching from secular music to Christian Hip Hop. The song is a testimony of my rise from the dust. It’s meant to give hope to anyone going through a rough phase in life as after every struggle, there’s a breakthrough and therefore we should continue being hopeful, lay our problems to God, and fight. The answers will come,” said the Hwange-born artiste.

Elaborating on the Christian Hip Hop genre, Junior Garnet said: “It’s Gospel Rap where the message is the Gospel of God. In order to be known for the genre, I plan to embark on a Gospel Rap tour where I’ll be visiting different churches and performing, mostly for free.

“The shift of genres was caused by the need for me to give thanks to God who has, on many occasions, come through for me. I’d love to give special thanks to the Tekwa Family who took me off the streets, Zvikomborero ‘Lil Megaz’ Nyamandi the founder of Kings Youth Centre and Larynx for granting me the opportunity to record this song and Lee McHoney for agreeing to work with me on the piece.” – @mthabisi_mthire


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