JUST IN: Berita Facebook page hacked!

10 Jun, 2021 - 13:06 0 Views
JUST IN: Berita Facebook page hacked! Berita hacked page

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Online Reporter

South Africa-based Afro-soul songbird, Berita Khumalo’s Facebook page has been hacked with the content that is being shown far from being hers.

The last time that Berita posted something of her own was on May 28 and it seems that the Facebook page which has nearly 400 000 followers has been taken over by hackers.

Just like Trevor Dongo, Selmor Mtukudzi and Becky Casting Agency who suffered the same fate, it seems that the same has befallen Berita.

The videos that are now being posted have nothing to do with Berita or her music, but are clips of scenes from movies, jokes and other paraphernalia are being posted.

For now, Berita who was recently appointed as a board member of the Recording Industry of South Africa is concentrating on her Instagram page with her nearly 86 000 followers being updated about what she is up to.

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