JUST IN: Bulawayo residents to benefit from first ever free medical health expo

20 Oct, 2016 - 16:10 0 Views
JUST IN: Bulawayo residents to benefit from first ever free medical health expo

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Robin Muchetu, Senior Reporter

BULAWAYO residents will on Saturday benefit from the first ever free medical health expo that will see then coming face to face with experts in the medical field.

The one-day expo, which is being hosted by the Zimbabwe Medical Association (Zima), will kick off at the Bulawayo City Hall car park at 8AM.

Zima Matabeleland branch secretary general Dr Henry Kuzanga said the event is meant to bring health specialists to the public that they serve.

“We are bringing in all specialists that we have in the city where they meet the people and get to answer health related questions. People only hear of these big names like oncologists, urologists but do not know what they do and how they can be helped. This is an opportunity for the public to benefit from specialist services that they may not normally afford,” said Dr Kuzanga.

He said the doctors will explain their area of specialty to the public and how they can access them.

“There will be a lot of health information dissemination, which is generally missing within the public. The City Health Department, members of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health, central hospitals, legal services and other health care providers will be available on the day to assist the public,” said Dr Kuzanga.

“People sometimes have health questions and they may not have a qualified person to ask, so this is the platform for people to ask all they want to know.”

Some people, Dr Kuzanga said, are rushing beyond Zimbabwe’s borders to Botswana, South Africa, India and the United Kingdom for specialist treatment because they are unaware that most of the services are available locally, sometimes at lower cost.

He said one challenge that the public has is seeking recourse after falling to get satisfaction form health care providers. “Some people are aggrieved over the treatment they get at hospitals and they do not know where to report. We are bringing in specialists from the legal side who will give them advice on how to report grievances,” added Dr Kuzanga.

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