JUST IN: Efforts to form a single Byo Bosso Supporters Chapter hit brickwall

21 Apr, 2021 - 11:04 0 Views
JUST IN: Efforts to form a single Byo Bosso Supporters Chapter hit brickwall

The Chronicle

 Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter

Efforts to form a greater Bulawayo Highlanders Supporters Chapter hit a brickwall on Monday following deep differences between members of the vibrant Heart and Soul and their former colleagues.

Former members of Heart and Soul called for a new name instead of Heart and Soul, a suggestion that wasn’t  welcomed by some members of the group, who felt that the name was now a brand which could not just be erased.

Heart and Soul was founded in 2011 and will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

“All we wanted was to have one supporters chapter. We realised that whenever all these chapters held their meetings, one would think they are not from Bulawayo because of numbers yet Bosso comes from this city. We felt having one chapter as Bulawayo was the way to go, but what name to call that chapter became the sticking point. Our former members said they cannot come back to Heart and Soul and the best thing was to change the name altogether,” said Jacob Sithole, the Heart and Soul vice-chairman.

He said the suggested name was Bulawayo Highlanders Supporters Chapter, which they had no problems with, but a chapter with a similar name was registered when Emmet Ndlovu was still club secretary although it has been invisible ever since and its membership is unknown.

“We finally resolved to send a delegation to the office to meet with the club executive to advise on the way forward. If they( executive) feel there is need to change the Heart and Soul name we will abide, but we had felt that name was now a brand. What I am happy about though is that everyone is for the idea of one single chapter with the sticking point being the name only, but I am sure we will find each other soon,” said Sithole.

The move to form a single Bulawayo chapter comes after a new international Bosso Supporters Chapter was formed by Australian-based Highlanders members.

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