JUST IN: ‘Mysterious stones’ cause havoc in Kwekwe

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JUST IN: ‘Mysterious stones’ cause havoc in Kwekwe

The Chronicle

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent

Residents of Mbizo Section 10 in Kwekwe are living in fear following a spate of mysterious stones which are falling on rooftops from nowhere.

The whole neighbourhood was left awe struck after the stones fell on about five houses leaving some of them with holes on rooftops and smashed windows.

The stones come in various shapes and sizes with some as big as farm bricks.

Ward 12 Councillor, Washington Moyo confirmed the incident that happened between Tuesday and Thursday last week.

“Yes, I can confirm that there is such an incident in my ward. I received calls from one of the affected families and they narrated to me what happened.  I even went there myself and I saw the roofs which were broken and smashed windows,” said Cllr Moyo.

He said the source of the stones remains a mystery adding he had since updated the Kwekwe City Natural Disaster Management department to look into the matter.

When the Chronicle News crew visited the area, some residents refused to entertain the news crew and prevented them from taking pictures of the damaged houses.

Those who spoke to the media said they were living in fear as the source of the stones remains mysterious.

Mrs Mercy Takundwa said her house was one of the affected.

“I was bathing when it happened. At first, I thought there were people who were throwing stones since it was during the night. I was too frightened to go out and investigate as I thought there were thieves who wanted to attack us when we get out,” narrated Mrs Takundwa.

She said she later went out when she heard her neighbours making noise outside.

“When I got out that is when I discovered that about four more houses had been faced with the same challenge.”

Another resident who only identified himself as a Mrs Zikhali said the stones could be seen moving but not the source.

“The stones could fall during the night and in daylight. What is shocking is that one could see the stones but could not see where they came from. Everyone is living in shock as it was our first time to see such a thing,” said Mrs Zikhali.

She said it was not the first time the eerie incident had occurred in the area as it once happened close to a decade ago.

“I have been staying at this house for more than 10 years now, it once happened sometime back but it affected only two houses or so. This time it came stronger and stranger,” she said.

She said when it happened back then, it was attributed to black magic.

Mrs Moyo said her vehicle was almost smashed.

“I had to move my car as it almost had it windows smashed by the stones. My roof was left with a huge hole. The same rock almost hit a woman who was in the house who was holding her baby,” she said.

Some elders said a similar incident occurred in Mbizo 13 sometime back.


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