JUST IN: NUST praised for taking an active role in the development of altheletics

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THE National University of Science and Technology has been commended for taking an active role in the development of athletics in the country by working with Arnold Payne to bring to Zimbabwe a world class coach.
Darryl Anderson, a world class track and field coach arrives tomorrow on an educational trip facilitated by Nust and Payne Global Sports International.
 It is the first time such a high profile athletics figure will be in Bulawayo and later on lecture to students and academics apart from holding a workshop for athletes and coaches a day later.
Anderson’s coming is the brainchild of Payne, a former Zimbabwe national sprinter at the All-Africa Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships who is keen to see local talent reach the top.
Payne believes exposure to, people who are used to better practices and standards may catapult enthusiasm in athletics and sport in general to new heights.
“We remain committed to helping youths out there in Zimbabwe reach their targeted goals by exposing them to world coaches and opportunities.
We are happy Nust has agreed to partner in a first for Bulawayo and we are committed to bringing more world renowned personalities to come and share with sports science students and associations.
“As Payne Global Sports International I am happy and grateful that my former coach and that of national record holder in the 400m Darryl Anderson has agreed to come and share with my fellow countrymen in a trip where I also intend looking at the youngsters and making recommendations for scholarships abroad. It is not regularly that you get such a high profile man agreeing to help,” said Payne.
Thabo Moyo a graduate of the institution and now a Zimbabwe rugby performance analyst said Anderson’s trip to Bulawayo is endorsement of the institution. He said students who will attend his lecture will get it first hand that sport is no longer a recreational activity but a multi-billion dollar industry.
“It is a good opportunity to widen the horizons of those doing the sports coaching and science degree programme. Here is a world class coach coming to Zimbabwe to lecture and share his experiences with the hope, his contribution may show that where there is a dream one can reach for the skies.
“It’s fantastic news to here that Nust has taken it upon itself through its contacts to bring Anderson to share with students and Zimbabwe athletics,” said Moyo.
A number of the institutes’ graduates have found jobs with associations and Premier football clubs and are putting into practice what they learnt at the institution.
Nust graduates are expected to change the sport’s character and face in the next five years as they add a scientific approach to it.
To date most clubs and associations still lag behind in their approach to sport in a very dynamic environment changed by the professionalism that has seen the industry growing to par entertainment in high stake earnings.
Former boxing promoter and football players’ manager Dumisani Mabhena was also full of praise for the university.
“Our institutions must take a leading role in the pursuance of excellence. Exposure to those that have been there or are there is what students need.
It must not be theory but practical like they have done now by bringing Arnold Payne and Darryl Anderson.
“We also have locals Zenzo Moyo, Noel Kaseke, Heath Streak and Benjani Mwaruwari, their experiences as professional athletes must encourage the sports science degree students to excel should they choose to be coaches. If they are administrators or coaches the dream should be to see their products scale the zenith heights of professional sports,” said Mabhena.

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