JUST IN: Trevor Dongo’s Facebook account hacked

24 Feb, 2021 - 14:02 0 Views
JUST IN: Trevor Dongo’s Facebook account hacked Trevor Dongo

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Bongani Ndlovu

SOULFUL crooner Trevor Dongo has become the latest victim of a cyber-attack after his Facebook fan page was hacked a few days ago with his team frantically trying to retrieve it.

Trevor Dongo joins Selmor Mtukudzi whose Facebook fan page account was deleted last year.

The last time that Trevor Dongo posted to his over 92 000 Facebook fans was last week where he was mourning the death of Zimdancehall superstar, Soul Jah Love.

Thereafter, videos that have nothing to do with him or his music, of clips of scenes from movies, jokes and other paraphernalia are being posted.

Fans in the comments sections of each of the posts expressed their dismay that Trevor Dongo’s page had been hijacked.

Tichafara Mavuna, Trevor Dongo’s booking agent said they have since engaged Facebook technicians to try and get back their page.

“Trevor Dongo’s Facebook account has been hacked. Someone changed the password on the page and we don’t have control over it. All the admins were removed from the page and the password was changed. When Trevor tried to access the page, he couldn’t. We are working with the people from Facebook to try and get back control of the account,” said Mavuna.

He said they want to resolve the issue before it is too late.

“We update Trevor’s Facebook page everyday just to keep fans abreast with what he is doing. But he can’t now. So, we are trying to see how best we can solve this issue before further damage. Fortunately, other social media accounts aren’t affected,” said Mavuna.

However, accounts by victims say the best thing was to open a new account and start all over.

It seems that this strategy has grown over the years and many people have been affected across the globe.

Just like Selmor Mtukudzi whose account was deleted after her phone was stolen, she lost her account that had over 100 000 followers. These accounts are built over a long time through engagement with the audience.

She had to start all over again and she now has nearly 5 000 followers on her Facebook account.

The hack of Trevor Dongo will potentially make him lose over 92 000 followers and that will be a huge blow to his marketing team that has spent years building it.

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