Khuliyo vs Sikhonjwa. . . Motor mouths face off in singing contest

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Khuliyo vs Sikhonjwa. . . Motor mouths face off in singing contest Nkululeko Nkala

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Nkululeko Nkala

Nkululeko Nkala

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
AFTER a social media war that got people talking, musician Khuliyo (real name Nkululeko Nkala) and radio personality/MC Babongile Sikhonjwa will take their battle to the stage as they square off in a winner takes all singing contest.

Bulawayo Theatre will be the battle ground during the Khuliyo vs Sikhonjwa So You Think You Can Sing competition on October 27.

Entrance has been pegged at $3 for advance tickets with a $5 fee on the day of the show. The two will be judged by the audience who will vote through ballot papers which they will be given upon entry.

The competition is a result of a spat which began last Friday when Sikhonjwa attacked Khuliyo on Twitter saying his music was terrible. Sikhonjwa was retaliating after having been informed that Khuliyo was sabotaging him by telling people who wanted his MC services that Sikhonjwa was bad at that job.

He also responded to Khuliyo saying he was a better singer. Khuliyo shot back at Sikhonjwa saying he was a bad presenter who did not know anything about singing.

Khuliyo then suggested that the two square off publicly. Both artistes were confident ahead of the battle next week.

“It’s easy money for me and I’ll win by a mile. It’s impossible for me to lose. Nku came up with the challenge and I said let’s do it. If this will bring everything to peace, then let’s do it,” said Sikhonjwa.

Said Khuliyo: “Babongile has a big mouth and someone needs to shut him up. He can barely hold a note.”

Sikhonjwa performing at Miss Africa Zimbabwe

Sikhonjwa performing at Miss Africa Zimbabwe

However, some people took the spat on social media as a mere publicity stunt that was supposed to give attention to the artistes.

The two naturally said the battle was not stage managed.

“How can it be staged when I’m willing to risk my brand and say bad things on Facebook?” said Sikhonjwa.

Khuliyo weighed in and said: “The funny thing is that before the poster came out, people didn’t think it was stage managed, but now that there’s a poster and a fee, they’re saying it’s stage managed.

“I pulled down all my posts because I was angry and they were hurtful to both our brands. We however, can’t take back what we said on that day.”

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