Khuliyo ‘wedding’ gets people talking

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Khuliyo ‘wedding’ gets people talking The picture fron Khuliyo’s video shoot that got people talking

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The picture fron Khuliyo’s video shoot that got people talking

The picture from Khuliyo’s video shoot that got people talking

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
AFRO pop musician Khuliyo sent tongues wagging on social media earlier this week after he posted pictures of him clothed in wedding attire complete with a bride — singer Ashleigh Love — saying he was now hitched.

The relatively young-looking Afro soul singer who has a budding solo career also showed off her new mature hubby, Khuliyo, on her Facebook account.

Khuliyo posted the photo of the couple with an apology saying he had gotten married hurriedly as the couple was expecting a baby.

Most believed he had gotten married as one of his best friends, Javas Sibanda, was also on the picture captioned #NewDay.

Friends and fans congratulated Khuliyo for taking the leap, saying it was long overdue and some thanked Ashleigh for getting Khuliyo to settle down.

However, some were angry at Khuliyo that he got hitched without telling them.

Nevertheless, Khuliyo has revealed that all the pictures he shared of the wedding were actually from a music video shoot for one of his tracks I do. The song is a collaborative effort between Khuliyo and Ashleigh.

Khuliyo said announcing that he was off the market got him tongue lashes from family members and friends with his girlfriend temporarily dumping him.

“All throughout the night, I was receiving messages from friends and family. Some were congratulating me and some were telling me off as to why I didn’t invite them to the wedding. Even my girlfriend dumped me. She was angry. I haven’t explained to them that it’s just a music video. I hope they like it when it’s released,” said Khuliyo.

He said the music video produced by CnC Productions, will be released at the Live in Byo launch at Rainbow Hotel tonight.

“The music video is off my 11 track album to be released on Saturday during Live in Byo. It’s a social commentary album that has songs in gospel others that talk about the police, love and one of the tracks encourages people to register to vote,” said Khuliyo.

“The baby that I was referring to on the posts was the music video that is going to be released on Saturday.”

He said he was happy with the response from people as they went all out in coming up with a realistic wedding.

“If people can see that as real maybe we are heading the right direction as a sector. This shows us that we should invest more in quality scripted music videos in the future.

“We pulled out all the stops on this one to create a realistic wedding scenario. Just like a real wedding, we had full decor, food and everyone was dressed for the occasion like a proper wedding with Ashleigh as my bride,” said Khuliyo.


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