Khulu Moyo discharged, taken to Entembeni Old People’s Home Khulu Moyo

Thandeka Moyo-Ndlovu, [email protected]

KHULU Philip Moyo, a man who went to South Africa for 60 years without any trace has finally been discharged from Mpilo Central Hospital and taken to Entembeni Old People’s Home in Luveve suburb.

The man was picked up by an ambulance crew in Mpopoma and taken to Mpilo where he was admitted from December 26, 2023, until Tuesday late afternoon.

On admission, doctors had noted with concern that Moyo, whose relatives have still not reached out, was suffering from severe malnutrition and arthritis.

He left his home in Nemane Tsholotsho before Zimbabwe gained its Independence and then only Highlanders Football Club had been formed.

Although his story has taken social media by storm, Mr Moyo is yet to find relatives willing to take him in after he is discharged from Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

His daughter once visited him at Mpilo promising to come back but never resurfaced. Civic leaders from his home area also visited trying to help him connect with his family but nothing materialised.

Mr Moyo said in the past 60 years he had a family in South Africa including four children who did not want to be part of his life anymore.

He said he left the country without a passport as they were not required then and started a family with his wife who is from Botswana.

Mr Moyo also had a child in the then Rhodesia but he cannot remember the name of his girlfriend or the child.

Mpilo public relations officer Matron Norma Mabhena said Khulu Moyo had recovered and managed to walk on his own upon discharge.

“We are happy that our patient recovered and has been finally moved to Entembeni Old People’s home where he will live since no one from his family came forward. He spent more than a month at Mpilo and he had recovered compared to the day when he first came here,” said Matron Mabhena.

“He was all smiles when he left yesterday and he could stand upright and walk by himself, a development which makes us appreciate the great work done by our staff. We continue to encourage families to unite and look out for each other even in tough situations like these hoping that Moyo’s finally will reach out to Entembeni.”

Matron Mabhena said members of the public should also prioritise family in all they do as there is nothing more precious than the social system which has been slowly breaking down.

“This has been a journey but we are happy that finally he has found people who are capable of taking care of him. We also encourage members of the public to desist from abandoning families for whatever reason, these people are all that we have.”


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