Kidnapped newly born baby reunited with mother a day after horrific ordeal Insp Abednico Ncube

Kudzai Gaveni, Online Writer

A WOMAN who kidnapped a newly born baby FROM Mpilo Central Hospital on 10 September has been arrested.

Anita Khumalo (38) of Pumula South, allegedly abducted the infant while his teenage mother was looking for transport to go home, after giving birth at the hospital.

Bulawayo spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube, in a statement, said Khumalo went to her rural home in Ntabazinduna with the infant but her aunt became suspicious and alerted the police.

He said the complainant (18) from Nyamandlovu was at Mpilo Central Hospital maternity ward with another patient who had also given birth waiting to be discharged after giving birth, when Khumalo offered to assist with the process.

“She then offered them transport from the hospital to the Renkini bus terminus where they were supposed to get transport to the rural home in Nyamandlovu,” said Insp Ncube.

“The accused, the complainant, and her friend left the hospital premises and boarded a white Honda Fit, registration number unknown which had been hired by the accused person. They proceeded to the Renkini bus terminus. Whilst they were at the terminus, they enquired about transport and were advised to proceed to 3rd Avenue and Lobengula Street terminus.”

The provincial spokesperson said the Khumalo and the teen victim went to Lobengula Street on foot, with Khumalo holding the baby.

“The accused person sent the unsuspecting complainant to check for the car to Nyamandlovu inside the terminus and she remained behind, standing under a tree shed at the bus terminus. After about 10 minutes the complainant returned and discovered that the accused person and the baby were nowhere to be found. She tried to look around but her efforts were fruitless. A police report was then made,” he said.

Insp Ncube said on the following Khumalo went to her rural home in Ntabazinduna with the child where she met her aunt who asked her about the child`s birth weight.

He said Khumalo said she did not know the child’s weight and handed her aunt the health card from hospital.

“The aunt then discovered that the name of the child`s mother on the health card was not corresponding with the accused`s name. She then took the accused together with the child to the Clinic for verification. Investigations carried out by the clinic staff revealed that the newly born baby was delivered at Mpilo Hospital on 09 September 2023.The child was kidnapped on 10 September 2023 and this led to the accused`s arrest by the police.”

He advised mothers not to trust any strangers with the care of their babies and thanked Khumalo’s aunt for helping to apprehend Khumalo who will soon appear in court.

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