King Zigger raises Bulawayo flag in upcoming album King Zigger

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Reporter

VERSATILE musician King Zigger is on a mission to uplift the status of Bulawayo in an upcoming album titled Bulawayo yiCity.

The mixed genre affair is set to be released at the end of October under VinBee music.

The album has tracks that include; Bulawayo yiCity featuring Miss Bee aka Manager Bae (hip-hop), Why? featuring Miss Bee aka Manager Bae, Me Jus wanna know (dancehall), Tsamba (reggae), Wyn Fi Me Nuh (commercial), Let me love you (afro dancehall), Babe ngithanda wena (afro dancehall), Tinodzirove ngoma (dancehall) and a bonus track.

Said King Zigger: “Most of the tracks on the album are preaching love and are mostly about putting Bulawayo on the map.

“Apart from that l am also working on the Mina Nawe video which we will shoot in South Africa and it will come out at the end of July.”

He said they also plan to launch a recording studio and online TV channel at the end of April.


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