Brighton Gumbo Business Reporter
KUSILE Rural District Council (RDC) has availed at least 1,000 residential stands since the beginning of the year. The local authority’s chief executive officer, Christopher Chuma, told Business Chronicle on the sidelines of a training workshop for local authorities and civic society organisations in Bulawayo last week that housing development was part of a broader infrastructural development programme in the district.

Chuma said over 300 stands had been allocated to the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) in Jotsholo and that construction work had started. “We’ve also offered Lupane State University over 300 stands, which they’ve actually bought,” said Chuma. “We’ve pegged St Lukes for housing development, which we’re offering to Lupane State University and over 1,000 residents on the waiting list.”

He said the RDC was presently working on establishing a site near Lupane town, which is peri-urban, to address the growing number of people in need of stands for housing development. Chuma said apart from housing development, the council had managed to re-gravel Gomoza road.

“In terms of infrastructure development we’ve done Gomoza road network through Zinara funding of $80,000 per quarter. We’ve done over 35 km so far,” he said. “The road connects Gomoza and Ndimimbili, which had not been conducive for motorists visiting the area as it was in a bad state.”

He said a partnership with local hunters was working on establishing a clinic at Lupanda area, a small scale commercial farming community. “So far we’ve received a $5,000 donation from our partners, which we’ve used to buy materials and the council is currently doing pegging and the construction is expected to commence very soon,” said Chuma.

He said through water and sanitation programmes, a total of 35 boreholes had been rehabilitated at a net cost of $300,000. Chuma said an additional 20 boreholes would be rehabilitated next year through an LID programme, which is funded by the World Food Programme.

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