Kwekwe Central legislator, Blackman dies Masango Matambanadzo

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent

Member of Parliament for Kwekwe Central Constituency, Masango Matambanadzo, has died.

He was 56.

Matambanadzo popularly known as Blackman, died at his Amaveni home on Tuesday morning.

His aide, Ms Angela Nyathi confirmed the death although she could not be drawn into saying any finer details.

“I can confirm the death of Hon Matambanadzo. He died at his home on Tuesday morning,” she said.

A free-spirited legislator popular for his hands on and engagement approach, Blackman was in and out of the hospital since late last year.

In December 2019, he was flown to China for treatment due to suspected food poisoning.

Although not fully fit, Matambanadzo would earlier this year reappear in parliament.

Born in Hurungwe in 1964, Blackman attended the Chitepo School of Ideology was first elected MP for Kwekwe in 2013 on a Zanu PF ticket.

He was expelled from the ruling party Zanu PF in 2017 on charges of belonging to the G40 faction.

In 2018, he went on to stand as candidate for the National Patriotic Front (NPF) for Kwekwe Central and won. He was the only NPF MP in Parliament.

A self-confessed Grade Two dropout, Mr Matambanadzo once said he owed his win to the Kwekwe community for helping him trounce even highly educated people who were eyeing the same seat. “I was contesting against renowned lawyers, church bishops who are always praying for themselves and their congregants. God is amazing, I owe this to the people of Kwekwe,” he said.

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