Kwekwe rolls out rabies mass vaccination Department of Veterinary Services

Michael Magoronga,[email protected]

The Kwekwe District Veterinary Services Department has rolled out a mass vaccination programme against rabies.

The programme will cover the wider parts of the district including Kwekwe urban, Redcliff, Zhombe, Silobela and resettlement.

District veterinary officer, Dr Takundwa Magoba said the bi-annual programme is done to ensure that there is no outbreak of the disease in the district.

“There is no outbreak but this is a programme that we do bi-annually to ensure that our pets are safe. It’s a proactive measure that is meant to ensure safety of both humans and the animals,” she said.

Dr Magoba said while there were designated areas where the vaccination will be done in Kwekwe urban and Redcliff, in the rural parts, people should utilize the dip tanks.

“There is a schedule that we have released for the urban parts and respective dates, but those in rural areas should go to their dip tanks where the vaccination is taking place,” she said.

Dr Magoba said they were working with relevant authorities to find a solution to stray dogs.

“It is a challenge but we are working with the local authorities, Zimparks, SPCA, Environmental Health and other departments to find solutions to the problem of stray dogs. But the bottom line is that we are looking for ways to get rid of the stray dogs off the streets because they pose a threat to the public,” she said.

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