Lady Squanda accused of stealing track

27 Jul, 2013 - 00:07 0 Views

The Chronicle

Auxilia Katongomara Saturday Leisure Correspondent
CONTROVERSIAL dancehall chanter Lady Squanda has come under fire from Bulawayo hip-hop artiste Nashie who claims the rapper stole his song.The disputed track is titled Kuchibhorani and Nashie claims Lady Squanda stole lyrics of his track after a failed collaboration.
Speaking to Saturday Leisure, Nashie drew daggers against Lady Squanda.

Interestingly, the Imboko hitmaker said he approached Lady Squanda for a collaboration, but Squanda’s manager charged him exorbitant fees and he decided to produce the track on his own.

“I released the track online last month, but I was surprised to hear Lady Squanda’s version of the same track recently.
“Initially, I approached her for collaboration, but they charged me what I could not afford and I then decided to produce the track on my own,” said Nashie.

He claims Lady Squanda changed lyrics in some of the verses, but the chorus is the same.
“She has changed the verses, but everything else is still the same,” claims Nashie.

The budding star says he has since approached the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (Zimura) to handle the matter.
Asked whether he spoke to Lady Squanda about the disputed hit track, the singer said Squanda apologised.

“When I asked her, she said I’m sorry, I thought I told you that I want to do a remix of your song,” said the 23-year-old artiste.
However, Lady Squanda laughed off the allegation when contacted for comment.

“Honestly how many people have the same titles for their tracks, how many songs are titled I love you, it is just coincidence that we had the same title for our tracks, but the tracks are way, way different,” laughed Squanda.

The musician often referred to as the queen of dancehall confirmed that Nashie had approached her for a collaboration but she had referred him to her manager and she does not have a clue on what transpired thereafter.

“I remember he called me sometime and talked of a collaboration with me, but I told him that we are two different artistes of different genres, but he never mentioned the title of the track to me and this is all just coincidence,” said Lady Squanda.

This is not the first time that Lady Squanda has been accused of theft. In April she was accused of diverting phones, cosmetics and groceries entrusted to her by some Zimbabweans living in the United Kindgom, but it is alleged that she later reluctantly released them without chargers, memory cards and manuals.

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