LATEST: Baseball and softball association to incorporate more girls

22 Nov, 2021 - 15:11 0 Views
LATEST: Baseball and softball association to incorporate more girls

The Chronicle

Innocent Kurira, Sports Reporter

THE Bulawayo Metropolitan Baseball and Softball Association (BMBSA) is on a drive to incorporate girls into the two codes, particularly softball.

Softball is a game similar to baseball and is played with a larger ball on a field that has base lengths of 60 feet (18m), a pitcher’s mound that ranges from 35 feet (10.5m) to 43 feet (13m) away from home plate, and a home run fence that is 220 feet (67m) to 300 feet (91m) away from home plate, depending on the type of softball being played.

BMBSA chairman Eldon Mudzingwa says they are targeting schools around the city as pools to search for talent.

“We had already started the process of going around schools looking for talent. We are saying the girl child must also excel through sport. Girls deserve the same opportunities that we are giving to boys and we believe in that strongly.

“We had already visited schools and the response was really impressive. However, we are now in the examination period so we have been forced to halt the schools’ visits for now. Our target is that when the schools’ athletics season starts next year, we also hit the ground running. We want Bulawayo to be the backbone of our national teams and also produce Olympians,” said Mudzingwa. – @innocentskizoe

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