Lead by example, soldiers told

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Lead by example, soldiers told Brigadier General Simo Maseko presents a certificate to best student, Second Lieutenant Tracy Shoko, during a pass-out parade at the School of Military Police in Bulawayo yesterday. Looking on are Commandant, Lt-Col Gondai Mwagura and Captain Simbarashe Gandi.

The Chronicle

Esinathy Sibanda, Chronicle Reporter

THE Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has said members should lead by example to ensure that the country has a disciplined force.

Speaking at the School of Military Police graduation ceremony at Mzilikazi Barracks in Bulawayo yesterday, ZNA Brigadier-General Simo Maseko said there is need for members of the armed forces to be role models.

“Let me quickly remind you that the easiest way to correct the discipline of your fellow servicemen and women is by exhibiting a good example yourself. That is the reason why the military police motto says ‘By Example We Lead’. Once you abide by this important motto, you will be simplifying your own job, so I encourage you to be role models to other soldiers,” said Brig Gen Maseko.

He said the training modules at the School of Military Police are aimed at developing members into competent individuals in their various areas of duty

Brig-Gen Maseko said training of personnel in peace time is a major ZNA occupation as it is a crucial element of any armed force in the capacitation of combat capabilities.

“I am sure you are aware that today’s crime trends and policing methodologies are very dynamic and are constantly changing thereby necessitating the need for police officers like yourselves to always keep track of such dynamics and adjust your policing technologies in order to remain effective in crime prevention, detection, investigation and general maintenance of discipline,” he said.

“The curriculums for the courses you are completing today took this consideration on board and were therefore aimed and designed at providing you with the current requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes that should enable you to carry your duties in a professional, effective and efficient manner.”

A total of eight officers and 138 non-commissioned officers from the ZNA and Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service graduated after completing six courses which included the Provost officers course, Senior Provost non-commissioned officers course and the Provost junior investigations course. — @esinathy_essira.

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