Less activity at Beitbridge Border Post as South Africans vote File image: Beitbridge border post

Thupeyo Muleya, [email protected]

BEITBRIDGE Border Post was on Wednesday less busy in terms of the movement of traffic on either side, a development which could largely be attributed to elections in neighbouring South Africa.

Beitbridge, the country’s busiest inland port of entry handles an average of 15 000 travellers daily.

Acting head of immigration services at Beitbridge Border Post, Mrs Canisia Magaya, said they cleared less than 2 500 travellers between 6am and 2pm on Wednesday.

She said a total of 887 travellers entered the country while 1 470 left for South Africa.

“The movement today was generally low and this could be a result of ongoing elections in South Africa,” said Mrs Magaya.

“We processed 887 entries and 1 470 exits between 6 am and 2pm today compared to 1 590 arrivals and 1 532 departures at all the three terminals on Tuesday between the same period. An average of 3 000 to 3 500 use the border around that time daily.

“Generally, movement is low during this time of the year but the elections in South Africa could be the major contributor of the decline”.

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